About Us

Our Health Mission

We place high value on building a team with you and those you recognize as contributors to your health goals.  We consider you as the most important person on that team and your input is critical in helping us develop plans for your care.  We feel our job is to help gather information, help you understand diagnoses, explain treatment options, and then help you make decisions about your health.  Having you participate as a part of your healthcare team is a  our primary goal.

Our Founder

 With 18 years of experience,  our founder, Kellie Boyd Barnes, M.D., is dedicated to compassionate care, professionalism, and lifelong learning in order to provide up to date care for you and your family.  Dr. B is a very proud graduate of Walnut Hills High School.  She earned her B.S. in Chemistry and her doctorate of medicine degrees from the University of Cincinnati.  She completed residency training at the University of Cincinnati Family Residency program.  


We offer traditional primary care, caring for newborns, children, adolescents, adults and senior citizens.  We offer a range of services in additional to primary care, including civil surgeon services, office based opiod treatment, and MRO services.